Magic Massage Ultra 1610 Pulse Massager & Complete TENS Accessory Collection


Magic Massage’s Ultra 1610 is one of the newest and most advanced nerve stimulators on the market.

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Magic Massage’s Ultra 1610 is one of the newest and most advanced nerve stimulators on the market, with more features, therapies, and power than ever before. Offering both TENS and EMS modes, Ultra 1610 is pre-programmed with 16 distinct massage therapies that you can tailor depending on your pain relief or muscle conditioning needs. These 16 unique massage therapies include deep tissue, chop, knock, kneading, stroke, acupuncture, butterfly, effleurage, sports mode, thai, swedish, pulsing, reflexology, assorted, auricular massage, and trigger point. Each massage therapy can be customized with varying intensity levels from soft to strong pulses (1-20) giving you the flexibility to design a pain relief treatment targeting your particular ailment. A convenient timer with a maximum duration of 60 minutes can be set in increments of 10 minutes. Ultra 1610 features a easy-to-read backlit LCD display showing the active therapy, duration (timer), intensity level, lock indicator, and battery level. Ultra 1610 also support dual outputs allowing you to send different therapies to independent pads simultaneously. This means that you can treat different parts separately and is particularly useful if you have chronic pain in opposite areas of your body. Magic Massage complete accessory collection is the most complete accessory bundle for TENS and EMS devices on the market. Magic Massage accessories are compatible with most TENS units in the market making this pack an excellent addition to your Magic Massage Ultra or PRO. Each accessory is ideal for relieving pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder, waist, back, upper, and lower extremities. The complete accessory bundle includes massage shoes, massage belt, massage gloves, massage socks, 4 small electrode gel pads, 4 large electrode gel pads, 4 jumbo electrode gel pads, dual connector splitter, pad holder, massage ear clips, and 2 electrode wires.

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