Magic Massage Lady Bug Intro Massager


Ideal to relieve back, leg, neck, and shoulder stiffness

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It’s been another long day. From chasing the munchkins, driving to work, mid-day pilates, afternoon presentations, after work errands, picking up the munchkins, cooking dinner. Phew! Good thing you have this Magic Massage Lady Bug Massager to come home to. It’s ideal to relieve back, leg, neck, and shoulder stiffness, while fighting fatigue, and more. Now you’re finally relaxed. Tomorrow, it starts all over again. Good thing it’s the wife’s turn with the kids!
• Runs on a CR20323V battery (included) • Portable–great for avid travelers • Connect the leaf pads directly to the lady bug massager or connect through the wires provided • Features 4 massage modes: patting, massaging, kneading, and mixing • Also used for keeping fit, slimming, strengthening, improving blood circulation, and more

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